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Dear LEGIT Toronto Participants and Supporters,

LEGIT Toronto’s first priority is making sure we’re able to continuously give our participants the exceptional tools and information they need to sponsor their loved ones to Canada. Our staff is primarily made up of volunteers dedicating their own time and effort to support a cause that is not only impactful but also changes lives. Reuniting families in Canada is at the center core of our efforts.

In 2019, we had more than 200 participants attending our information session and workshop. This is huge!  We want to continue to service more people and help them with all their immigration concerns.

Your donation will have an impact on LGBT families looking to reunite in Canada and will be used for LEGIT Toronto’s operation costs and materials. Without your donation and support, LEGIT Toronto would not be able to serve our community and friends. You make our work possible!

Please be advised that this will be considered an individual donation to help with the operation cost for Legit Toronto, and no receipt will be issued.   

You can donate by  Interac e-Transfer, our email is

Thank you in advance for supporting our efforts!





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